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Stormwater Discharge Monitoring & Control

Stormwater treatment and associated monitoring are the necessary elements of many construction activities. Water treatment is a dynamic process and the treatment effectiveness for the removal of contaminants of concern varies during the process.


While traditional manual sampling of stormwater discharges is an important component of water quality management, it provides only a snapshot of discharged water quality in time and does not protect against accidental non-compliant discharges.

Flowlink real-time water discharge monitoring system

The Flowlink app is great for monitoring your water discharge variables remotely. Its alert system notifies you when you are outside of the allowable discharge parameters so it can be corrected without causing violations. I also use it to keep track of the volumes of water I am pumping and the status of my dewatering equipment. It is a tool I’ll gladly keep in my tool chest.

Rob Vance

 Site Superintendent 
Axiom Builders

Why Choose Our Solution?  

Flowlink mobile app

Prevent Non-Compliant Discharge

Avoid accidental non-compliant discharge by automatically diverting non-compliant water away from the receiving environment for additional treatment or off-site disposal. 

Prevent a water treatment system overflow by receiving real-time notifications,  designed for water treatment discharge monitoring application.

Manage Water Treatment Chemical Cost

Manage water treatment cost by getting factual and complete information about system performance in real-time.

Use Flowlink Water Data Monitoring Software and our automated Cost Calculators to help you stay on track with your water treatment budget.

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Real-time discharge monitoring and control system

Reduce Labour Cost

Minimize monitoring and service technician labour costs while ensuring that the ESC system discharge consistently meets regulatory requirements.

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Challenging water quality targets?

Prevent non-compliant discharge with Flowlink

Treatment system 






Environment or storm sewer

Storage tank(s) or detention pond

Monitored Parameters 

Customized product offering to accommodate different site and regulatory requirements




Dissolved oxygen


Flow rate



Water level





• Crude oil

• Refined oil




And more

Intelligent Approach

All the features you need to take control of the environmental and financial risks originating from the water treatment system performance

Compatible with all water treatment systems for flow rates up to 1000 US gpm

Automatic redirection of non-compliant water for reprocessing or off-site disposal

Transparent and modular pricing structure

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