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Quality Management Program

Accuracy and reliability of the data is paramount to the success of water monitoring applications. Our Quality Management program ensures that the acceptable accuracy of our online sensors is consistently maintained and all accuracy checks and calibrations are thoroughly documented following Good Documentation Practices and quality management principles. Our team consisting of experienced field service technicians and QA chemists delivers the scheduled maintenance and calibration service to all Flowlink clients.

As an integral part of our Quality Management Program, our Water Data Monitoring & Control Software was built with compliance top of mind - all on-site maintenance, offline, sensor addition or removal, discharge shutoff and other important events are logged and cannot be altered, offering complete transparency and audit trail to facilitate environmental compliance for the project.

Additionally, we offer supplementary services to the construction sites using water treatment chemicals. We perform the on-site testing for common chemical residuals including chitosan, aluminum, iron, chlorine, and other residuals or contaminants of concern in the treated water discharge or dewatering effluent.

Real-time discharge water monitoring system

Calibration & Maintenance 

Performed by trained technicians. Thorough maintenance protocols developed to ensure the online water quality readings produced by Flowlink systems are no less accurate than the readings obtained by the industry-approved handheld devices. 

Chemical residual test kit

Chemical Residual Testing

On-site testing of residual chitosan, aluminum, iron, chlorine, and other water treatment chemical residuals or contaminants of concern. 

Quality assurance around calibration and performance of the equipment provided by Flowlink left our team confident in reported results as they were accurate and precise.

Tim Adam, B.Sc. R.P.Bio.
Fisheries Biologist


Water data monitoring software Canada

Compliance-Centric Software

Logs of all on-site maintenance, offline, and discharge shutoff events. Complete transparency and audit trail.

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