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Real-time discharge monitoring system

Our Story

In the spring of 2016 as part of the New Product Development class for her MBA at Beedie School of Business, our co-founder and CEO Elena was tasked with developing and marketing a novel product idea that would solve a real-life problem.


While the assignment seemed rather daunting at first, Elena’s passion for environmental issues coupled with her intimate and expansive knowledge of current construction water treatment and monitoring practices quickly yielded the concept of automated, real-time discharge monitoring and control systems that could address some of the biggest challenges in construction dewatering by providing accurate, timely and actionable information to the project stakeholders.


While the solution concept and technology was revolutionary, Elena recognized that enacting real change would require a team of experienced leaders from various backgrounds, all committed to bringing honesty and transparency to monitoring of discharge quality on construction projects. The provider of this technology would have to be a neutral, arms-length, unbiased body in order to safeguard against compromised, or manipulated results. Only then could environmental protection truly be achieved, and substantial benefits be reaped by the project owners. 


In 2018, Tom joined Elena as a co-founder and COO on the journey of transforming this idea into reality and Flowlink Environmental was born. Tom brought to Flowlink his extensive hands-on experience with dewatering and water treatment systems, commitment to outstanding customer service and unrivalled passion for creating a positive change for the environment. Together, their vision for Flowlink was to close the gap in the construction market with intelligent end-to-end solutions integrating the on-site valves, pumps and online sensors with the application-specific software, solutions that would eliminate costly environmental accidents, while providing accurate data and third-party, independent performance verification.


Today, we are the only company in Western Canada to deliver leading-edge solutions for remote, real-time water compliance monitoring and provide third-party, independent performance verification. Our real-time water monitoring systems protect a multitude of watercourses from construction pollutants through prevention and early detection and facilitate compliance of a number of forward-looking industrial facilities with their wastewater discharge permit requirements. 


Our team is very proud of each and every milestone we have achieved and extremely grateful for the opportunity to make a measurable, positive impact on our precious water resources. Truly, the sky's the limit when you love what you do!

Our Mission

Flowlink exists to provide project owners with accessible and intelligent water monitoring and automated control solutions specialized in prevention of water pollution incidents and environmental compliance.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

We exist to provide project owners with accessible and intelligent water monitoring and automated control solutions specialized in prevention of water pollution incidents and environmental compliance.


We are stewards of the environment, striving to preserve and protect water resources for generations to come.


We are eager to help. Whether you are a client, a partner, an employee, a member of the community, we are here for you. We are invested in the future of our environment together.


We are exceptional at creative, practical problem-solving. We embrace change and crave challenges that keep us cultivating new ideas.


We are listening, communicating, and evolving together. We support the collective goal with honest, transparent, evidence-based, ethical decisions.

Our Commitment 

The environment is embedded in our core values, and our mission is to educate and empower construction companies to improve their environmental footprint. Fraser River has a tremendous impact on the Lower Mainland, British Columbia and Canada as a whole.

We contribute 1% of our profits to Fraser Riverkeeper, an initiative of Swim Drink Fish to support Fraser River and its watershed.

Come to join us and be part of the Fraser River protection.

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