Water Data Monitoring Software

All Flowlink systems have wireless connectivity enabling remote monitoring. Our application-specific and compliance-driven, yet highly intuitive software tracks and analyzes a wide range of water quality, flow and operational parameters at rates unprecedented in the water monitoring industry. This allows users to access water monitoring data and analytics truly in real-time, using either the Flowlink's mobile app or web-based dashboard.

Real-time Water Monitoring Software

Why Choose Our Solution? 

Achieve a much greater degree of precision in the monitoring and control of water treatment programs with Flowlink real-time, continuous water monitoring solutions.

Project Status Overview

Whether you monitor one site, or a hundred, Flowlink mobile app and cloud-based dashboard help to easily view the current "health" status of all your projects. Projects are conveniently sorted by the "project health" indicator updated in real-time and display the discharge/recirculation valve position and the current state of the system making the key information available in matter of seconds.

Live-Updating, Real-Time Readings

Delve into each parameter behaviour and get real-time updates from your projects at any time, from anywhere. Optimize your upstream process by monitoring the changes in water quality and flow rates as you go. Set alarm triggers and receive alerts whenever your custom thresholds are violated, shutoff function is triggered, or power is lost, to proactively manage the arising issues.

Analytics Designed for Intermittent Discharges

Our Analytics feature allows both quantification of the pollutant load discharged into the environment and extraction of discharge data from the rich data stream. This unique feature was designed to deal with intermittent discharges typical for construction, making key information available at a click of a button.

Interactive Graphs, Event Logs and Reports

Interactive graphs, event logs, and data reports accessible in real-time help manage your project compliance, analyze performance and save time on preparation of regulatory submissions. 

Cross - Platform Support


Flowlink mobile app is available to download on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. We support Android Version 6+ and iOS Version 10+.

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Monitored Parameters 

Customized product offering to accommodate different site and regulation requirements




Dissolved oxygen


Flow rate



Water level





• Crude oil

• Refined oil





And more

Intelligent Approach

All the features you need to take control of the environmental and financial risks originating from construction dewatering activities or industrial water treatment

User-friendly interface

Top of the line security and privacy

Subscription-based access

The Flowlink graphs and figures allow for easy interpretation by regulators, clients, and professionals. Easy to use time series data, side by side comparisons and min by min analysis allow for easy tracking of issues and save time when investigating non-compliances.

With Flowlink push notifications and comparison analytics, our office supervisors could track problems, issues, and trends often before the on-site field monitoring staff. 

Tim Adam, B.Sc. R.P.Bio.

Fisheries Biologist