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Surface Water Monitoring

Creeks, lakes are rivers are monitored for a variety of reasons. Objectives and purposes of surface water monitoring range from detection of environmental violations to the determination of the health of the water bodies and analysis of water quality trends.


The parameters often measured include biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, total phosphorus, ammonia, bacteriological quality, suspended solids, chlorides, nitrates, nitrites, conductivity, and oil and diesel. 

Real-time surface water monitoring software

Why Choose Our Solution? 

Flowlink real-time remote water monitoring software

Establish Project Baseline

Characterize background quality, identify existing or emerging water quality problems.

Monitor Project Impacts
in Real-Time

Determine whether performance goals, such as compliance with environmental regulations or implementation of effective pollution control actions, are being effectively met.

Flowlink real-time remote water monitoring for streams and lakes
Creek pollution detection

Instantaneously Detect a Spill

Respond to environmental emergencies such as oil spills or construction site washouts.

Monitored Parameters 

Customized product offering to accommodate different installation and regulatory requirements




Dissolved oxygen



Water level





• Crude oil

• Refined oil







And more

Low Power Solutions

Low power remote water monitoring solutions without compromising the data acquisition and transmission frequency.

Real-time water quality monitoring system

Intelligent Approach

All the features you need for remote, real-time surface water monitoring

Custom integration of standard and specialty online sensors

Autonomous power options:

solar, battery

Transparent and modular pricing structure

"Flowlink equipment and software is a fantastic solution in handling real-time water quality monitoring of our creeks. The web-based dashboard is extremely intuitive and the data Flowlink provides has proven to be critically important to the operations of our environmental initiatives.

The customer service that Flowlink provides is nothing but the best for response time, knowledge and guidance in getting our systems up and running."

Jordan Halter
Engineering Technologist
Engineering & Public Works, City of Coquitlam

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