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Wastewater Monitoring & Control

Most industries use clean water in their process in one way or another, whether it is a food processing plant, an analytical lab, or a metal plating facility. After use in an industrial process, water becomes contaminated and generally requires some sort of on-site treatment before it can be disposed of into the sewer system or the environment. Regardless of the point of discharge, various characteristics of the treated wastewater must comply with the applicable regulations which often require continuous monitoring of wastewater effluent quality and flow, and detailed and timely reporting.

Wastewater Real-Time Monitoring System

Why Choose Our Solution? 

Continuous wastewater monitoring system

Install Continuous Monitoring System Built for Your Needs 

Whether a short term solution or a permanent installation is needed, Flowlink hardware can be retrofitted or designed and built from scratch to fit any facility needs. Engaging us early in the process will help reduce the cost of the solution and ensure it's flexible enough to satisfy any future requirements. 

Save Time & Resources with Our Automated Reporting

Compliance reporting is made easy for liquid waste discharge permit holders with Flowlink's software analytics capabilities! Flowlink software processes continuous record of quality and flow of wastewater discharges and generates automated PDF-and Excel-reports. All key reporting metrics are available at a click of a button, saving time and resources.

Flowlink real-time water discharge monitoring dashboard
Flowlink real-time water discharge monitoring app

Optimize Wastewater Treatment Process

Use Flowlink mobile app to improve and fine-tune your treatment process and discharge flow rate in real-time. Valve or pump shutoff and audible or visual alarms can also be integrated with the Flowlink continuous monitoring system to help you achieve 100% compliance with the regulations

Monitored Parameters 

Customized product offering to accommodate various installation and regulatory requirements




Dissolved oxygen


Flow rate







• Crude oil

• Refined oil




And more

Intelligent Approach

All the features you need to facilitate your environmental compliance and regulatory reporting while freeing up your resources.

Customizable for specific facility needs

Time-saving automated reports and real-time viewing app

Competitive pricing, long term support

I definitely recommend Flowlink Environmental as an integral solution for continuous monitoring of volume, turbidity, flow rate, DO, pH and other parameters in the analysis of the effluents. The in-line monitoring can be integrated with real time data access and automated data reports which are prerequisites for industrial water discharge.


The environmental requirements are pretty standard; however, the solutions depend on each facility and, in this context, I don’t have any doubt that Flowlink’s team can provide a customized solution for any project.

Gabriel Molina
Process Improvement Manager

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