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Real-Time Water Monitoring & Control Systems

We supply, deploy and rigorously maintain our automated water monitoring and control systems and provide high quality data available in real-time through our Flowlink® web-dashboard and mobile app.

Stormwater Discharge Monitoring & Control

Reliable, plug-and-play systems for real-time, continuous water quality & flow monitoring of construction site effluent (pH, turbidity, temperature, DO, EC, PHC) with optional flow control.

Real-time ESC monitoring system

Surface Water Monitoring

Customized systems for real-time, continuous monitoring of creeks, lakes and rivers (pH, turbidity, DO, BOD, temperature, conductivity, PAH, BTEX). Solar/battery powered.

Dewatering Effluent Monitoring & Control

Continuous groundwater quality (pH, conductivity, DO, temperature, turbidity), water level, and flow data in real-time. Optional flow control.

Real-time groundwater monitoring system
Online wastewater monitoring system

Industrial Wastewater Monitoring & Control

Custom-built permanent systems for continuous pH, TSS, BOD, E. coli, flow rate & volume measurements. Effortless reporting and hands-off approach. Optional flow control.

How We Do It

Near-Instant Data Acquisition, Transmission & Analytics

Whether the application requires monitoring of surface water, treatment system discharge, or industrial wastewater, our solutions offer real-time data acquisition and analysis at the rates unprecedented in the water monitoring industry.


Near-instant data collection, transmission and processing rate is critical for minimizing the adverse effects of developments, in-stream works and industrial operations on water quality of our streams.

Water Monitoring Software
Spill, contamination

"Unusual" Parameters & Custom Sensor Configurations

To achieve the application-specific goals, we research, source and integrate the most advanced sensors available out there with our water monitoring and control systems.  Do you need to monitor an "unusual" parameter for your operation, such as, for example, BOD, PAH, crude oil, or BTEX? Ask us! We will research, source, integrate, and maintain it for you.

Precise Flow Control

Unparalleled control capabilities of our software enable flow re-routing based on any combination of conditions, including dynamic parameters (Patent Pending), to prevent contamination from entering the receiving environment and achieve a consistent compliance with even the most sophisticated environmental regulations.

Solution Puzzle

Our Solution "Puzzle"

Along with the the state-of-the-art Flowlink® monitoring systems, our compliance-driven, application-specific Water Data Monitoring & Control Software and robust Quality Management Program are the other two critical pieces of Our Solution puzzle. 

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