Real-Time, Continuous Water Monitoring Systems

We supply, deploy and rigorously maintain our remote, real-time water monitoring and automated discharge control systems designed to prevent accidental water pollution caused by construction, remediation and industrial activities.

Whether the application requires continuous monitoring of surface water, groundwater, treatment system discharge, dewatering effluent or industrial wastewater, Flowlink online real-time water monitoring systems proactively mitigate the risk of out-of-specification discharges and facilitate compliance with environmental regulations. 


Along with the state-of-the-art online monitoring equipment, our compliance-driven, application-specific Water Data Monitoring Software and rigorous Quality Management Program are integral to Our Solution. 

Stormwater Discharge Monitoring Systems

Reliable, plug-and-play systems for real-time, continuous water quality & flow monitoring on construction sites with optional fail-safe discharge control (pH, turbidity, temperature, DO, PAH, BTEX, other).

Real-time stream monitoring system

Surface Water Monitoring


Customized systems for real-time, continuous monitoring of creeks, lakes and rivers (pH, turbidity, DO, BOD, temperature, conductivity, PAH, BTEX). Solar/battery powered.

ESC real-time monitoring system

Dewatering Effluent Monitoring Systems

Continuous groundwater quality (pH, conductivity, DO, temperature, turbidity), water level table, and instantaneous flow data in real-time.

Continuous wastewater monitoring system

Industrial Wastewater Monitoring Systems

Custom-built permanent systems for continuous pH, TSS, BOD, E. coli, flow rate & volume measurements. Effortless reporting and hands-off approach.

I think your product is fantastic, for both the remote monitoring capabilities and the control of effluent routing to reduce treatment consumables based on Flowlink’s readings. Game-changer! 

Neil Lambertsen, CAN-CISEC

Environmental Technician/Project Manager

Phoenix Environmental Services Ltd.

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