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Remote, Real-Time, Continuous Water Monitoring Solutions for Environmental Risk Management


What Makes Us Unique

We are the only company in Western Canada to deliver leading-edge solutions for remote, real-time water compliance monitoring and automated discharge control. Designed and built in-house from the ground up, our end-to-end solutions integrating the on-site valves, pumps and online sensors with our application-specific Flowlink software eliminate costly environmental accidents, while providing accurate data and third-party, independent performance verification.

Our Services

We supply, deploy and maintain remote, real-time water quality monitoring and automated discharge control systems specifically created to prevent accidental water pollution caused by construction, remediation and industrial activities. 

Whether the application requires continuous monitoring of surface water, treatment system discharge, dewatering effluent or industrial wastewater, Flowlink water monitoring systems proactively mitigate the risk of non-compliant discharges and excessive construction dewatering.  

Continuous Monitoring

Online water quality and flow sensors combined with telemetry provide a continuous record of pH, turbidity, temperature, flow rate, conductivity, DO, volume, and other parameter readings.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Our industry leading calibration program exceeds best industry practices to ensure our online water quality readings are no less accurate than the readings obtained by the industry-approved handheld devices. 

Real-Time Data Access

Remote, continuous monitoring of water quality, flow and various operational parameters prevents non-compliant discharge and alerts personnel about potential issues.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Interactive, user-friendly dashboard interface allows users to view and analyze continuous water quality and flow trends, events, chemical load and other useful system performance metrics.

Automatic Discharge Shutoff

Automatic shutoff/recirculation function prevents accidental discharge of non-compliant water by rerouting discharge back to the pretreatment stage, while alerting users about the shutoff trigger/system recovery.

Customer-Driven R&D

Our strong focus on application-specific, continuous innovation in close collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders helps ensure we stay ahead within the industry.

Why Choose Flowlink 

Our field operations team has over 25 years of collective experience in water treatment and dewatering on construction sites. This extensive hands-on experience with the water treatment equipment and understanding of the construction site environment allowed us to create specialized water monitoring and discharge control solutions that are intelligent and sophisticated in terms of capabilities, but at the same time quick and practical to deploy on site. Our modules are compatible with any on-site water treatment system and wide range of flows and have no impact on the water treatment process. 


Because our hardware modules and software are designed and built entirely in-house, our solutions can be easily tailored to meet the unique needs of any project, whether it's to do with the challenging site conditions or unique water monitoring requirements. 

I think your product is fantastic, for both the remote monitoring capabilities and the control of effluent routing to reduce treatment consumables based on Flowlink’s readings. Game-changer! 

Neil Lambertsen, CAN-CISEC

Environmental Technician/Project Manager

Phoenix Environmental Services Ltd.

Flowlink Environmental monitoring system

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Our Commitment 

The environment is embedded in our core values, and our mission is to educate and empower construction companies to improve their environmental footprint. Fraser River has a tremendous impact on the Lower Mainland, British Columbia and Canada as a whole.

We contribute 1% of our profits to Fraser Riverkeeper, an initiative of Swim Drink Fish to support Fraser River and its watershed.

Come to join us and be part of the Fraser River protection.

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