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Remote, Real-Time, Continuous Water Monitoring Solutions for Environmental Risk Management


What Makes Us Unique

We are the only company in Western Canada to provide leading-edge integrated software and hardware solutions for automated, online water monitoring and control, working with on-site valves, pumps and online sensors to eliminate costly environmental accidents, while providing accurate data and cost analysis.


Our Services

We provide automated, real-time water quality monitoring and control systems designed for the needs of Canadian construction industry. Backed 24/7 by the local service team, our end-to-end solutions integrating the online sensors and valves with cloud-based software mitigate the risk of water pollution and unplanned downtime. Easily connected to an on-site ESC system intake or discharge, our solutions cause no disruption to the construction activities while effectively managing environmental risk and project cost.

Continuous Monitoring

Online monitoring hardware combined with telemetry and software provides a continuous record of water quality: pH, turbidity, temperature, flow rate, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, volume, and other.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Our industry leading maintenance and calibration program exceeds best industry practices to ensure accurate, reliable measurements.

Real-Time Data Access

Remote, continuous monitoring of water quality and flow combined with real-time access and warning capabilities prevents non-compliant discharge and alerts personnel about potential issues.

Data Reports

Automated data reports provide a complete overview of discharged water quality and quantity including record of issued notifications.

Automatic Discharge Shutoff

Configured using 

site-specific requirements, automatic shutoff function 

prevents accidental discharge of non-compliant water, by rerouting discharge back to the pretreatment stage.

Customer-Driven R&D

Our focus on continuous innovation in close collaboration with our customers helps to ensure we stay ahead of their needs.

About Our Online Monitoring Solutions

Our automated, continuous water monitoring and control solutions integrating state-of-the-art sensing hardware with our intelligent software are designed to mitigate risk of water pollution, facilitate environmental compliance and reduce project cost.  


Our clients get real-time access to water quality and flow data from their sites, comprehensive data reports, and automated notifications. Our service team looks after the hardware maintenance and calibration so that our customers can focus on what’s important: their core business.

I think your product is fantastic, for both the remote monitoring capabilities and the control of effluent routing to reduce treatment consumables based on Flowlink’s readings. Game-changer! 

Neil Lambertsen, CAN-CISEC

Environmental Technician/Project Manager

Phoenix Environmental Services Ltd.

24/7 Support

We monitor and support your site

24/7 using our proprietary solutions.

Why Choose Flowlink 

Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in construction water treatment. This hands-on industry experience and understanding of water treatment processes allow us to deliver automated, real-time monitoring solutions that are thoughtful and intelligent, but at the same time quick and simple in implementation causing no disruption to the on-site activity. Because all our hardware and software is developed and built in-house, our solutions can be easily tailored to meet the specific or unique project needs. 

Strong advocates of proactive approach to water management, we see it as our mission to help you avoid unplanned downtime and penalties caused by non-compliant water discharge.

From Our Blog


Our Commitment 

The environment is embedded in our core values, and our mission is to educate and empower construction companies to improve their environmental footprint. Fraser River has a tremendous impact on the Lower Mainland, British Columbia and Canada as a whole.

We contribute 1% of our profits to Fraser Riverkeeper, an initiative of Swim Drink Fish to support Fraser River and its watershed.

Come to join us and be part of the Fraser River protection.