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for Environmental Compliance & Pollution Prevention

Flowlink real-time water monitoring system
Real-time water monitoring software

Real-Time Water Monitoring & Control Solutions

Real-time Water Monitoring Software

The Challenge

Construction projects can have a profound impact on water quality. To protect receiving environment from construction pollutants and undesirable pH changes, sediment runoff, impacted groundwater and concrete washouts need to be contained and treated on site prior to release into the stormwater drainage system.


As the construction industry is facing a multitude of old and new challenges, building with the environment in mind can be difficult. Besides, current best practices for construction water treatment do not guarantee reliable, robust performance subjecting project owners and local environment to the risk of non-compliant, harmful discharges.


Given the large amounts of water leaving the construction sites, even small development projects can have detrimental impact on the receiving environment if effluent water quality is compromised.

There is an overwhelming need for an intelligent real-time effluent monitoring and control solution that would safeguard aquatic ecosystems from harmful discharges while helping project owners to effectively comply even with the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Our Solution

We integrate water sensors, meters, valves and other sub-components with our intelligent water monitoring and control software to yield practical and effective solutions for environmental compliance, risk mitigation and performance optimization. We design and build our hardware to withstand harsh construction or industrial environments and produce accurate, representative water quality measurements in both pressurized and non-pressurized monitoring applications.


Our effluent monitoring solutions are equipped with optional control capabilities to prevent release of non-compliant effluent into the receiving environment by rerouting non-compliant discharge back to site for re-treatment or an alternative disposal. Unparalleled control capabilities of our cloud-based software enable flow re-routing based on any combination of conditions, including dynamic parameters, to readily comply with the most sophisticated environmental regulations (Patent Pending).


Appreciating the critical importance of quality management for success of online water monitoring applications, we live and breathe a robust, rigorous Quality Management Program.  Our hardware, application-specific software and Quality Management Program come together as a complete solution to effectively reduce risk of environmental contamination and non-compliance, while providing accurate real-time data and independent performance verification. 

Real-time water monitoring software
Real-Time Water Monitoring Software
Flowlink monitoring system
Flowlink service technicians

How We Do It

Our remote monitoring solutions offer real-time data acquisition and analysis at the rates unprecedented in the water monitoring industry. Near-instant data collection, transmission and processing rate is critical for minimizing the adverse effects of developments, in-stream works and industrial operations on water quality of our streams.

Live Water Monitoring Software

Real-Time Data & Alerts

Live water monitoring at sufficiently high data acquisition and transmission rates can drastically reduce risk of environmental contamination. Our powerful alert logic minimizes the "noise", distilling rich information down to critical and actionable insights delivered by SMS or push notifications.

Real-time ESC monitoring system

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Quality Management is critically important for success of water monitoring applications. That is why we live and breathe a robust, rigorous Quality Management Program that is unprecedented in the industry. 

Real-time effluent monitoring and control system

Continuous Effluent Monitoring

Continuous record and transmission of various water quality, flow parameters, weather data and operational metrics such as power, battery status, and valve position help identify existing and emerging water quality problems and ensure reliable and safe operation of the dewatering or water treatment activities. 

Non-compliant ESC discharge control

Automatic Discharge Shutoff

Unparalleled remote control capabilities of our software enable flow re-routing based on any combination of conditions, including dynamic parameters, to comply with the most sophisticated environmental regulations.

Real-time water monitoring software

Real-Time Analytics

Our Analytics was designed for intermittent discharge scenario. It computes key performance metrics, quantifies pollutant load released into the environment, extracts discharge data from the rich data stream and generates time-saving reports, making it easy to oversee compliance and make proactive decisions. 

Real-time water quality monitoring system

Low Power Options 

Our low power monitoring solutions enable remote water quality monitoring without compromising on the rate of data acquisition and transmission, a critical metric for proactive water quality management.

Flowlink at a Glance

Water Data Monitoring Software

Intuitive, Intelligent Software

Application-specific, efficient, & insightful


What Our Users Say

“ Flowlink is the solution to uncertainty inherent in periodic or infrequent environmental monitoring. Environmental monitoring with Flowlink is robust, accurate and cost-effective compared to the typical approach.


With Flowlink push notifications and analytics, our office supervisors could track problems, issues, and trends often before the on-site field monitoring staff.



Tim Adam, B.Sc. R.P.Bio.

Fisheries Biologist


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