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Tom Hayes

Tom Hayes 

Co-founder & COO

One of our core leaders, Tom serves as COO of Flowlink Environmental managing the day-to-day operations of the company including hardware product development, manufacturing and field service in alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.

Together with Elena, Tom co-founded Flowlink Environmental in 2018 pursuing the goal of closing the gap in the construction market with intelligent, application-specific water monitoring and control solutions which would eliminate costly environmental accidents, while providing accurate data and third-party, independent performance verification.

Prior to his role as a co-founder and COO of Flowlink Environmental, Tom served as Operation Manager, Senior Project Manager and Lead of Dewatering Division at Stormtec Group. 

Tom brought to Flowlink over a decade of operational experience with various dewatering and water treatment equipment, commitment to outstanding customer service and unrivalled passion for creating a positive change for the environment.

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