Dewatering Effluent Monitoring 

Well-pointing and deep well dewatering methodologies often result in short “bursts” of turbid water generated during the first few hours after the new wells have been drilled or jet-punched. After a short period of time, groundwater typically clears up and looks just like drinking water. Despite this fact, dewatering effluent often gets chemically treated on-site 24/7 resulting in large consumable bills.


Additionally, excessive pumping during construction dewatering can cause groundwater depletion, land subsidence, and lead to increase in water treatment cost. 

Why treat clean water?

Install Flowlink and reduce chemical cost

Dewatering Effluent






treatment system or

sanitary sewer

Benefits of Electronic Water Management

Achieve a much greater degree of precision in the monitoring and control of dewatering effluent with Flowlink electronic solutions to:

Reduce Water Treatment Cost

Automatically bypass the treatment system when dewatering effluent meets the water quality requirements to reduce cost of chemical treatment.

Receive Actionable Insights  

Receive mobile notifications when power is interrupted, adverse changes to water quality, the drawdown flow rate, or depth of groundwater drawdown are observed, or whenever the dewatering effluent gets redirected to the treatment system.

Maintain Detailed Data Record 

Monitor and keep track of the water quality, instantaneous flow rate, volume of the dewatering effluent and water table levels for proactive decision making.

Monitored Parameters 

Customized product offering to accommodate different site and regulation requirements




Dissolved oxygen


Flow rate



Water level





• Crude oil

• Refined oil




And more

Intelligent Approach

All the features you need to take control of the environmental and financial risks originating from construction dewatering and excessive groundwater pumping

Compatible with all dewatering systems with flow rates up to 2000 US gpm

Automatic redirection of clean water to discharge and off-spec water to the treatment system

Transparent and modular pricing structure

I think your product is fantastic, for both the remote monitoring capabilities and the control of effluent routing to reduce treatment consumables based on Flowlink’s readings. Game-changer! 

Neil Lambertsen, CAN-CISEC

Environmental Technician/Project Manager

Phoenix Environmental Services Ltd.

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