Real-Time, Continuous Water Monitoring Systems

We supply, deploy and maintain remote, real-time water monitoring and automated discharge control systems designed to prevent accidental water pollution caused by construction, remediation and industrial activities.

Whether the application requires continuous monitoring of surface water, groundwater, treatment system discharge, dewatering effluent or industrial wastewater, Flowlink online water monitoring systems proactively mitigate the risk of non-compliant discharges and excessive construction dewatering.  


Monitoring Systems

Reliable, plug-and-play systems for continuous water quality & flow monitoring on construction sites with optional fail-safe discharge control (pH, turbidity, temperature, DO, PAH, BTEX, flow rate, volume).

Industrial Wastewater Monitoring Systems

Custom-built permanent systems for continuous pH, TSS, BOD, E. coli, flow rate & volume measurements. Effortless reporting and hands-off approach.

Surface Water Monitoring Systems

Customized systems for real-time, continuous monitoring of creeks, lakes and rivers (pH, turbidity, DO, BOD, temperature, conductivity, PAH, BTEX). Solar/battery powered.

Dewatering Effluent Monitoring Systems

Continuous groundwater quality (pH, conductivity, DO, temperature, turbidity), water level table, and instantaneous flow data in real-time, with 30 sec intervals.

Quality Management

Accuracy and reliability of the data is paramount to the success of water monitoring applications. Our Quality Management program ensures that the acceptable accuracy of our sensors is consistently maintained and all accuracy checks and calibrations are thoroughly documented following Good Documentation Practices and quality management principles. Our field service crew supported by our QA team delivers the scheduled maintenance and calibration service to all clients using Flowlink systems.


Additionally, we offer supplementary services to the construction sites using water treatment chemicals. We perform the on-site testing for common chemical residuals including chitosan, aluminum, iron, chlorine, and other residuals or contaminants of concern in the treated water discharge or dewatering effluent.

Calibration & Maintenance Service

Professional maintenance and calibration service and documentation to ensure the online water quality readings produced by our systems are no less accurate than the readings obtained by the industry-approved handheld devices. 

Chemical Residual Testing

On-site testing of residual chitosan, aluminum, iron, chlorine, and other chemical residuals or contaminants of concern. Get in touch to learn more.


I definitely recommend Flowlink Environmental as an integral solution for Continuous Monitoring of volume, turbidity, flow rate, DO, pH and other parameters in the analysis of the effluents. The in-line monitoring can be integrated with real time data access and automated data reports which are pre-requisites for industrial water discharge.

The environmental requirements are pretty standard; however, the solutions depend on each facility and, in this context, I don’t have any doubt that Flowlink’s team can provide a customized solution for any project.

Gabriel Molina
Process Improvement Manager

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