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Real-Time Continuous Water Monitoring Solutions for Environmental Risk Management


What Makes Us Unique

We are the only company in Western Canada to deliver leading-edge, fully-integrated solutions for real-time water compliance monitoring, while providing accurate data and third-party, independent performance verification.


Our solutions integrating valves, pumps and online sensors with our application-specific and compliance-driven, yet highly intuitive software reduce risk of environmental contamination through prevention and early detection.

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Flowlink online monitoring software

Our Solution

Whether the application requires continuous monitoring of surface water, ESC discharge, dewatering effluent or industrial wastewater, Flowlink's solutions offer real-time data acquisition and analysis at the rates unprecedented in the water monitoring industry. Near-instant data collection, transmission and processing rate is critical for minimizing the adverse effects of developments, in-stream works and industrial operations on water quality of our streams.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous record of various water quality, flow and operational parameters helps identify existing and emerging water quality problems and ensure reliable and safe operation.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Quality Management is critically important for success of online water monitoring applications. That is why we live and breathe a robust, rigorous Quality Management Program that is unprecedented in the industry. 

Real-Time Data & Alerts

Live monitoring and alerting reduce risk of environmental contamination. Our powerful alert logic minimizes the "noise", distilling rich data into critical, actionable information.

Real-Time Analytics

Our Analytics feature computes key metrics, quantifies pollutant load released into the environment, extracts discharge data from the rich data stream and generates data reports, all performed in real-time. 

Automatic Discharge Shutoff

Discharge auto-shutoff acts as ultimate fail-safe, preventing discharge of non-compliant water. Users are notified when auto-shutoff is activated or deactivated near instantly.

Application-Driven Innovation

Our commitment to helping reduce water pollution translated into strong focus on application-specific development helps us deliver truly unique solutions for the common problem.

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