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Different Goals. One Solution.

There are various applications for remote online water quality measurement systems, whether it is stormwater management to protect our receiving waters, industrial effluent monitoring to meet discharge regulations, or stream monitoring to establish anthropogenic impacts on water quality.

Discover the immense benefits brought by the electronic monitoring and control technology into each of these applications.

Stormwater Monitoring and Control

Prevent non-compliant discharge or system overflow

Manage water treatment cost

Influent Monitoring and Control 

Cut cost of water treatment consumables

Receive actionable and intelligent insights 

Industrial Effluent Monitoring 

Take advantage of fully automated data reports

Optimize wastewater treatment process

Stream and Lake Monitoring

Establish project baseline and monitor project impacts

Instantaneously detect an environmental spill

I definitely recommend Flowlink Environmental as an integral solution for Continuous Monitoring of volume, turbidity, flow rate, DO, pH and other parameters in the analysis of the effluents. The in-line monitoring can be integrated with real time data access and automated data reports which are pre-requisites for industrial water discharge.

The environmental requirements are pretty standard; however, the solutions depend on each facility and, in this context, I don’t have any doubt that Flowlink’s team can provide a customized solution for any project.

Gabriel Molina
Process Improvement Manager