Flowlink online monitoring & automated discharge control system

Who We Are

Flowlink Environmental is a Canadian provider of real-time, remote water monitoring and automated control systems for environmental risk management.


Thoughtfully engineered, Flowlink modules are compatible with any water treatment system and help prevent water pollution from construction or remediation work. 

Flowlink users have real-time access to continuous feed of water quality and flow information from their sites, events log, data analytics designed for dealing with the intermittent discharges, and insightful mobile notifications for proactive decision making.


Flowlink experienced field service & QA teams look after the maintenance of the systems and calibration of the online water quality sensors so that our customers can focus on what’s important : their core business.

Flowlink continuous monitoring & automated discharge control system

Our Mission

Flowlink exists to provide project owners with accessible and intelligent water monitoring and automated control solutions specialized in prevention of water pollution incidents and environmental compliance.

Our Core Values

Everything we do at Flowlink is driven by these four key values.


We strive to protect and preserve the environment and safeguard our water resources from pollution.


We are dedicated to our employees, partners, clients, and the future of our environment.


We welcome change and challenges and always look for creative solutions.


We are open, honest and collaborative. We make each decision with integrity. 

Extremely intelligent team, know their product, understand client needs, professional!

Douglas Leclair, CTech

Sr. Project/Construction Manager


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